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All about the air carrier "Turkmen Airlines".

The path of the airline "Turkmen Airlines" was formed for a long time. It began to be born back in 1927 and is still developing! Today, the company is the main Turkmen air carrier.

Туркменские авиалинии

The history of the airline "Turkmen Airlines"

In 1927, the first aircraft was launched in the Soviet Turkmen Socialist Republic. From this moment, the civil aviation of the republic originates. The planes were primitive. German and domestic manufacturers. The models had a maximum of 4 seats. There was an urgent need to build your own airfield. Five years later, an autonomous air berth was built in Ashgabat. The flights were divided into groups. The first - cargo, the second-agricultural. The power of cargo planes was high. During one flight, they could carry up to 5 tons, which is the highest indicator. Thanks to such a volume of cargo, Turkmen aircraft have won the first place among civil aviation around the world. The aircraft industry began to develop rapidly. There was a need to build new Aeroflot and airfields. So confidently the path of the Turkmen airline was born.

The time of the foundation of the modern existing company is 1992. It was in this year that the company acquired its first Boeing 737-300 . The plane was of high quality and decent. Previously, no country in the post-Soviet space had such an opportunity.

In early April 1993, Turkmenistan joined the ICAO-the International Civil Aviation Organization. And on April 19, the first flight was made. It was produced on an Il-76 cargo aircraft. The first route was the cities of Ashgabat-Brest-Ashgabat. This was a great discovery in the world of Turkmen airlines.

In the early 2000s, Turkmenistan updated its aircraft equipment. 7 new Boeing 717s were purchased. They made flights within their own country. 6 newest Boeing 736s were designed for international flights from Turkmenistan.

After 11 years, the country has introduced innovative technologies for buying plane tickets. It was no longer necessary to wait for your turn in the hall, because there were available terminals. Tickets have gradually moved from paper to electronic. This system works almost all over the world. For this purpose, an agreement was signed with the Swiss company SITA, which provides international services in the aviation sector.

The Turkmen airline was developing more and more. Since 2013, a permanent cargo route has appeared. He was sent to the Czech city of Brno. New Air Communication Centers began to be built. There are new regular flights to major cities. For example, passenger flights to Lviv, Donetsk and Paris.

The Turkmen airline considers itself one of the safest in all of Asia. This is evidenced by the data of statistical measurements.

Туркменские авиалинии

Routes of the airline " Turkmen Airlines"

For 2020, the company provides a wide list with regular routes. Such an increase occurred gradually, due to the improvement of the infrastructure and economy of Turkmenistan. Now the list includes about 20 countries. These include the following flights:

Thailand - Bangkok; Great Britain - Birmingham; India-Amritsar; Turkey-Ankara; India-Delhi; Russia - Kazan; Great Britain - London; Kazakhstan - Almaty; UAE-Dubai; Belarus-Minsk; China-Beijing; Russia - Moscow; France-Paris; Russia-St. Petersburg; Germany-Frankfurt; Turkey-Istanbul; Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur; Saudi Arabia-Jeddah; UAE-Abu Dhabi Canada-Toronto Austria-Vienna Vietnam-Hanoi.

These routes are regular, as well as cargo ones. There are 3 of them in total:

Czech Republic - Brno; UAE-Dubai; Turkey - Istanbul.

Turkmenistan has a program for the development of air flights. According to its plans, new passenger flights should be opened by 2030. This includes the following flights: Kazakhstan - Aktau, China-Urumqi, Italy-Milan, Russia - Novosibirsk, Egypt - Cairo, Spain-Madrid, Indonesia - Jakarta and others.

Airline fares

There are two fares for all passengers. This is economy/business class. There are some differences between them. They are not only aimed at a comfortable inner feeling of a person. But also on quantitative differences. This applies to return or exchange services, transportation rules, food, and so on. You can get acquainted with each difference between the fares when buying a ticket and with personal advice.

Baggage rules

The norms for the carriage of baggage are standard. Free transportation is allowed. It applies to hand luggage up to 5 kg. Its dimensions on average should not exceed 45 cm in length. This rule applies to each class and to each selected flight fare.

If the weight is exceeded, then, accordingly, it is registered. The maximum weight will depend on your tariff. The ranking takes place by class. For example, the norm for the "economy class" is a weight of 20 to 30 kg. But it is important to take into account — this is for two places!

But with the business class, things are different. There are no restrictions on the number of seats here anymore. You can take any luggage from 30 to 50 kg. All information is clearly spelled out when buying a ticket. It will be indicated both in paper and electronic format.

Туркменские авиалинии

Useful and interesting to know

The company often has special offers. You can buy tickets with a good discount. There are numerous promotions. The company transports 2 million people a year. This number may seem small only at first glance. But it's worth thinking about. The airline is a state-owned one. Consequently, it has its own personal authority and official popular recognition. There are both short-range and long-range air equipment. Therefore, when traveling over long distances, there are no transits. It is convenient and practical. There is no online registration. This is a small minus. This issue will be considered in the future. Check-in takes place only in the hall, so you need to arrive at the airport in advance. There is a high probability of not having time. The queues in the hall can be very large. Before landing, absolutely everything is weighed. Even baby food, an umbrella or a walking stick. Therefore, it is better to take into account all the extra items. Before packing a suitcase, it is better to familiarize yourself with the list of permissible and unacceptable things on board the aircraft. Useful information about the company is written on the ticket itself. It is convenient to read and easy to remember.