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Cheap Flights is the largest flight search engine in Russia. We analyze all the best flight options that match your request and send you to the official websites of the airlines for purchase and registration.

The cost of the ticket, which is provided on our Cheap Flights service, is final, you do not pay any hidden services, extra charges and commissions.

We do not sell tickets, we provide the best options, the seller you choose yourself.

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You have made a reservation through the supplier's website, so you need to contact them to resolve the situation. If you have forgotten the name of the company, check the information provided on the bank's notification of debiting funds or in the receipt issued to you.
Ticket exchange involves changing the departure/arrival dates, sometimes with a parallel route change. To change the passenger information or choose a different airline, you need to issue a refund of tickets and purchase new ones.
We at Cheap Flights are introducing a free flight and ticket search engine. We provide information services free of charge. We do not sell or buy airline tickets, so we do not have a refund policy. To get detailed advice on this issue, contact a representative of the selected airline. If you have forgotten the name of the company, check the information provided on the bank's notification of debiting funds or in the receipt issued to you.
The possibility of returning air tickets is determined by several factors. If the passenger refuses the ticket for personal reasons on a voluntary basis, they have to agree to the terms and conditions of the air carrier and the penalties applied by it. Airlines will refund the cost of air tickets after deducting the amount of fines in accordance with the approved fares. With the most budget fares, the chances of returning tickets and compensating yourself for financial losses are negligible. If the flight is carried out in economy class, on a charter flight or under a promotional offer, it will not be possible to return the full cost of the trip if you cancel your tickets. In the case of an exchange of air tickets, the passenger will have to pay a certain amount.

Be guided by the conditions offered by the airline and the selected fare. It is more likely that it will be impossible to recover the cost of tickets. In some cases, the airline offers the failed passenger to pay a substantial fine. If you understand that the probability of being late for a flight is high, then contact a representative of the airline and inform them. This will allow you to return at least part of the cost of the ticket – the so-called airport fee.

If you arrived at the airport after the check-in was completed, but the departure has not yet been announced, then immediately contact the airline staff and try to solve this problem with them. Sometimes carriers meet their customers halfway and offer to exchange air tickets.

The period in which the passenger will be compensated for the cost of tickets depends on the date of application, the selected airline and the payment method. When making a payment with a bank card, the funds will be returned to the details of this card within 5-60 days.

The refund is processed through the airline from which they were purchased. You can visit the airline's website or contact the ticket agency at the specified email address or through a special feedback form. You will need a photocopy of your civil passport, bank details and the air tickets themselves. The details must include the name of the bank, information about the correspondent account and the BIC. The full name of the account holder must also be reflected. If you do not receive a response to your request or email within three days, please contact your company representative and specify the reason.

Fees and taxes are included in the price of each ticket. As an exception, only optional fees can be considered, in particular, for baggage check-in. Individual airlines request an additional fee for choosing a seat in the cabin, transporting animals in the cabin, and other additional services. Please contact your airline representative to find out more about possible additional charges.