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The rules of transportation of Power Bank have been tightened. What restrictions apply on airplanes?

Almost all modern people who actively use gadgets can not do without such an item as a Power Bank. This is an external battery. Due to it, technical devices work for a longer period of time. Tourists traveling by plane are interested in whether it is possible to take this thing to the salon. In 2013, the rules for transporting portable batteries were tightened. It was at that time that the peak of their popularity was celebrated. In the USA and Japan, the use of the Power Bank has repeatedly led to a fire. Therefore, the introduced rules and restrictive measures are aimed at ensuring a safe flight for all passengers.

Правила перевоза Power Bank в самолете

What is the danger of transporting external batteries on an airplane?

Modern technical devices (phones, tablets, cameras, laptops) are based on lithium-ion batteries. Passengers leave the gadgets they need with them in the cabin. If necessary, they recharge them from the Power Bank during the flight. But in order to be able to communicate on technology on board, work and charge devices in a timely manner, it is important to comply with all the specified rules for carrying batteries. They are included in the international baggage rules.

Reference. Due to the fact that the pressure on board the aircraft changes during the flight, the portable battery can ignite. It is not allowed that it is connected and charges the equipment. There is an exception: phones and tablets with low power. They are not affected by the pressure that changes during the flight.

In the event that the upcoming flight lasts for several hours, and all this time you have to work and stay connected, it is recommended to buy a spare battery for the gadget in advance and charge it. Do not forget about the existence of a special function on devices – about the "Flight"mode. Thanks to it, up to 30% of the charge is saved.

Are they allowed to board an airplane with a Power Bank?

The transport of portable batteries has some restrictions. The exact rules must be found out in advance from the representatives of the airline. It is the carriers who determine the restrictive measures for the transportation of Power Bank. Because of this, the requirements may differ from each other in different companies.

Reference. When transporting cameras, laptops, netbooks, gyroscuters and other equipment with high-power batteries, it is necessary to remove the batteries and carry the devices without them. It is required to make a special declaration. It contains all the information about the batteries that are in the hand luggage.

Since 2013, there has been a ban imposed by the International Civil Aviation on the transportation of Power Bank and additional batteries used for technical devices. All of them must be checked in the luggage. Before that, you need to either completely discharge them, or leave the charge level no more than 30%. It is necessary to pack them in accordance with the norms prescribed in the instructions.

It is possible to transport a portable battery on an airplane only if it has the following characteristics:

Batteries with higher power are withdrawn and carried exclusively together with luggage. They must be pre-discharged and packed in accordance with the rules established by the company. If a Power Bank was purchased for the flight, the airline employees will look at it and tell you how to pack the battery, how to transport it in the cabin so that it is not confiscated.

Reference. When packing for a trip, it is recommended not to take a lot of gadgets that run on rechargeable batteries. Airport employees will carefully inspect them and tell them to pull out all the batteries with high power. The external charging units must be discharged before departure. It is allowed to leave only 1, which will charge a tablet or smartphone (capacity: up to 30,000 mAh).

If after passing the control, it is allowed to carry the Power Bank in hand luggage, then during the registration of bags and suitcases, you must write the following information on the package:

Reference. To transport a portable battery in the cabin of an aircraft, proper packaging and appropriate labeling are important. Otherwise, the battery will be confiscated, considering it a dangerous object. If you plan to travel with this device, it is recommended to drive to the airport in advance, so that there is enough time before departure. The company's employees will tell you whether it is possible to carry a Power Bank with you and how to pack it.

Правила перевоза Power Bank в самолете

What rules apply when transporting Power Bank in the cabin of the aircraft?

Airport employees can withdraw a portable charger if it does not comply with the proposed rules. It is important for passengers to familiarize themselves with the basic standards applicable for the transportation of external batteries for technical devices:

  1. The Power Bank must be transported only in hand luggage. Previously, it must be packed and brought to an almost discharged state.
  2. The charging package must be made of materials that do not conduct current. First of all, polyethylene is recommended.
  3. One passenger is allowed to carry 2 Power banks or batteries. If there are already 2 of them when leaving your hometown, then you should not buy new batteries when traveling, because the number is summed up.
  4. If the airport staff allowed you to take an external battery in your hand luggage, you must put a label and specify all the relevant information.
  5. The Power Bank must be intended for personal use. You cannot transport devices for sale.

Since in Beijing, Bangkok and the United States, the ignition of powerful external charges is not uncommon, passengers are carefully examined at the airports of these cities. In 2013, many cases of Power Bank fire were recorded in the airlines of these places. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of all those present on board, thorough control is carried out. Tourists bring a lot of equipment for many-hour flights. The number of batteries is closely monitored.

There are general rules. According to them, lithium-ion portable batteries and spare batteries for technical devices can be carried on the flight. It is important that their power is within the established limits.

It should be borne in mind that charging is not allowed in the cabin. It is necessary to charge the gadgets before the flight. The choice of the "Flight" mode allows you to save a charge while traveling. Passengers ' compliance with all requirements ensures safety on board.