How to stop being afraid to fly a plane

Flying on a plane can be quite stressful for many people. But with the right tips and techniques to calm your nerves, you can improve your flying trip.

First, prepare for the flight. Read information about the plane, watch flying videos, and learn what happens during the flight. This will help reduce fear.

Second, make sure you have a sedative. You can take a calming medication, listen to music, an audio course, a massage.

Third, pay attention to your breathing. Breathing is a comfortable way to reduce stress. Try a relaxing breathing technique such as “4-7-8”: hold your breath for 4 seconds, think for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds.

Fourth, pay attention to your emotions. Try a relaxing thought to reduce your fears.

Fifth, make sure you have an entertainment kit. Keeping busy is a good way to relax.

Modern safety technology used in airplanes

Safety in aviation today is a top priority. Modern safety technologies help airlines and pilots keep flights safe. In this article, we will look at some of the most modern technologies used in airplanes.

One of the most popular safety technologies is the Automatic Flight Management System (FMS). An FMS allows automatic flight control, improving accuracy, increasing safety, and reducing costs. An FMS can also automatically detect and correct some errors, making it one of the most effective safety tools available.

Another common technology used in airplanes is the automatic traffic control (ATC) system. ATC is a sophisticated system that is used to control the aircraft with minimal pilot involvement.

Practical tips for calming your nerves

Nerves can be very difficult to manage, especially in today's stressful world. But not everyone has given up hope. We talked to two pilots to find out how they calm their nerves.

John, an instructor pilot, believes the most important thing is to accept your feelings. “No matter what you're feeling – fear, anger, irritation – accept it. Don't try to change it, just accept it.”

For John, calming nerves is a process. “I start by thinking about what I need to do. Then I think about what I can do to improve the situation.”

For Julie, a commercial pilot, calming nerves is about relaxation. “I start with relaxing breaths. Then I think of good things I can do.”


Calming the nerves is a difficult but accessible process. For John, calming is about acceptance, while Julie is about relaxation. One of the most important parts, however, is discovering your strengths.