Can I correct the information or cancel the booking?

You have made a reservation through the supplier's website, so you need to contact him to resolve the situation. If you have forgotten the name of the company, study the information provided on the bank's notification of the withdrawal of funds or in the receipt issued to you.

How do I exchange air tickets?

Ticket exchange involves changing departure/arrival dates, sometimes with a parallel route change. To change passenger information or choose a different airline, you must issue a refund and purchase new tickets.

Please note: rules for the exchange and refund of air tickets have been developed for each fare. Be sure to read them in advance. If several rules are specified in one ticket, then the strictest of them will apply when exchanging or returning. On the payment page at the time of ticket purchase, you can study the rules for the return and exchange of air tickets. In exceptional cases, the exchange of tickets for flights is smooth. More often, the passenger has to deposit additional funds as an additional payment. The amount of the surcharge is determined by the difference between the cost of the tariff and the amount of the fine applied. Remember: there is an inverse relationship between the cost of air tickets and the amount of penalties.

How is the refund made?

We at Cheap Flights are introducing a free flight and ticket search engine. We provide information services free of charge. We do not sell tickets or buy them, so we do not have a refund policy. To get detailed advice on this issue, contact a representative of the selected airline. If you have forgotten the name of the company, study the information provided on the bank's notification of the withdrawal of funds or in the receipt issued to you.

When can I get my money for air tickets?

The possibility of refund of air tickets is determined by several factors. If the passenger voluntarily cancels the ticket for personal reasons, he has to agree to the conditions of the air carrier and the penalties applied by him. The airline refunds the cost of air tickets minus the amount of fines in accordance with the approved tariffs. With the most budget fares, the chances of making a refund of tickets and compensating yourself for financial losses are negligible. If the flight is carried out in economy class, on a charter flight or on a promotional offer, it will be impossible to refund the full cost of the trip if tickets are canceled. In the case of an exchange of air tickets, the passenger will have to pay a certain amount.

Will I be able to refund my air tickets if I miss my flight?

Be guided by the conditions offered by the airline and the selected fare. It is more likely that it will be impossible to recover the cost of tickets. In some cases, the airline offers the failed passenger to pay a substantial fine. If you understand that the probability of being late for a flight is high, then contact an airline representative and inform him. This will allow you to refund at least part of the ticket price – the so-called airport fee.

If you arrived at the airport after check-in was completed, but the flight has not yet been announced, then immediately contact the airline staff and try to solve this problem with them. Sometimes carriers meet customers halfway and offer to exchange air tickets.

How long will you have to wait for funds to be received when returning tickets?

The period in which the passenger will be compensated for the cost of tickets depends on the date of application, the selected airline and the payment method. When making a payment from a bank card, the funds will be returned to the details of this card within 5-60 days.
The refund is processed through the airline from which they were purchased. You can visit the airline's website or contact the ticket agency at the specified email address or through a special feedback form. You will need a photocopy of your civil passport, bank details and the tickets themselves. The details must contain the name of the bank, information about the correspondent account and the BIC. The full name of the account holder must also be reflected. If there is no response to the application or letter within three days, then contact a representative of the company and specify the reason.

Are fees and taxes included in the airfare?

Fees and taxes are included in the price of each ticket. As an exception, only optional fees can be considered, in particular, for baggage check-in. Some airlines charge an additional fee for choosing a seat in the cabin, transporting animals in the cabin and other additional services. Contact an airline representative to clarify information about possible additional fees.

Are baggage fees included in the ticket price?

No. Check with the representatives of the selected airline whether there are additional fees for hand luggage and baggage transportation.

Can I book a flight in a name other than my own?

You can make a payment for the ticket in the name of any passenger. Be sure to make sure that the information you provide about the passenger corresponds to the information reflected in his personal documents. An error in even one letter can lead to the need to exchange tickets. Do not forget that many carriers impose additional penalties for correcting errors in air tickets.

I plan to go on a trip with friends. How can I book tickets for our noisy company?

Cheap Flights supports the ability to simultaneously search and book up to 9 flights. If you are planning to make a trip with a larger company, we will find a way to help you. To solve the problem, select the appropriate destination and flight, then contact the airline manager and discuss the terms of the group booking.

What does an e-ticket look like?

It is an electronic document certifying the existence of contractual obligations between the passenger and the air carrier. Conditionally, this is a digital analogue of the usual printed ticket. In order to successfully check in and board the flight, it is enough for the passenger to have a passport with him. Electronic ticket storage is organized in the carrier's internal database.

To avoid misunderstandings with airline employees, we recommend that each passenger carry a printed itinerary receipt with an individual e-ticket number. It will be sent to your contact email address after making the payment for the reservation.

The itinerary receipt is the main confirmation of the fact of purchase of an electronic ticket. It may be asked to be presented by airport staff at the time of check-in, as well as during various types of control. The receipt contains basic information about the time and date of departure, as well as the time of boarding. This will help you to check in on time and board the plane.

How do I place an order for another category of passengers?

When planning air travel, it is important to adhere to certain rules. Before placing an order, inform the Customer Care officer about the existing features. The manager will be able to give a correct answer to the question whether it is possible to send a passenger on the selected flight, what conditions are set by the carrier.

I am in a position. Can I buy tickets for a flight?

Regardless of the duration of pregnancy, we strongly recommend visiting your doctor and getting advice on the possibility and safety of the upcoming flight. For a period of 35 weeks or more in case of a single pregnancy and from 32 weeks in case of multiple pregnancies, airport staff must ask the passenger for a medical certificate confirming the safety of the upcoming flight. The certificate must be dated no earlier than one week before the upcoming departure date.

Can I book flights as a passenger with disabilities?

Passengers with special needs and their accompanying persons have a priority right to check-in and board the flight over other passengers. At the moment of disembarking from the plane, they leave the cabin last for safety reasons. If the passenger uses a wheelchair, then after successful check-in, he transfers the stroller to the luggage. At the stage of boarding and disembarkation, the passenger will be able to use the seat provided by the airline.

If a passenger travels with a guide dog, he has the right to stay in the cabin with a dog without paying an additional fee. During the entire flight, the guide dog must be in close proximity to its owner, and transportation of the animal in the cabin is possible only on a leash and in a muzzle. The passenger must be ready to present documents to the airline staff on the successful training of a guide dog.

Can I bring my luggage for free?

Checked baggage is usually referred to as those personal belongings of a passenger that they hand over to the baggage compartment at the time of check-in at the airport. Each airline adheres to certain internal standards, restrictions and regulations regarding baggage transportation. This information should be studied by the passenger at the stage of choosing a carrier and flight. When booking an air ticket, the passenger will be able to get acquainted with information about the baggage allowance for a particular flight.

As a rule, the following baggage allowance is established per passenger. One piece of hand luggage is allowed, the weight of which is from 3 to 15 kg. One item of checked baggage weighing from 20 to 23 kg can be added to it. Certain airlines adhere to stricter standards. They include only the transportation of one piece of hand luggage in the ticket price. They provide a separate fee for checked baggage. Be sure to read the rules set by the carrier at the booking stage. Airline representatives do not recommend transferring fragile, brittle items, perishable products, unique and valuable items, cash, documents and keys, gadgets and various equipment to baggage.

What documents will be required to make the flight?

The list of documents required for boarding is determined by the nature of the flight. When flying within the country, it is enough for the passenger to provide the original of the civil passport and boarding ticket. Minor passengers under the age of 14 will need an original birth certificate.

In case of registration for an international flight, adult passengers must provide an original passport. Children can be entered into the parent's passport if the document was issued before March 2010. Seafarers provide a copy of the seafarer's national identity card.

Be careful! If a minor goes on a trip without an accompanying parent or guardian, then a copy of the notarized consent for the child's departure must be attached to the foreign passport. The notarial document reflects the country or list of countries that the minor plans to visit, the dates of entry and exit.

Before departure, you should get advice from the consulate of the country acting as the destination. The consular officer has detailed information about visa requirements and other conditions that the passenger must comply with. Keep track of the validity period of each document. If the passenger's passport is expired, then he will be denied registration for the flight.

Do airport staff have the right to inspect me and my luggage?

Police, civil aviation, border and customs officers have the authority to inspect hand luggage. They can also carry out the inspection of hand luggage and personal inspection of passengers checking in for a flight. The inspection can be carried out directly at the airport and inside the cabin of the aircraft after boarding the flight. If the passenger refuses to carry out the inspection, the air carrier has every right to refuse to board the flight. The inspection is possible regardless of the passengers' wishes.

What documents will be required to transport passengers abroad?

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for the transportation of animals established in the country to which you plan to travel. Remember that rules tend to change. The legislation of many countries obliges travelers to coordinate the possibility of importing new animals into the territory of the state with the local veterinary service.

If pet transportation is allowed, you will have to go through the chipping procedure. Similar services are provided in most modern veterinary clinics. Using a special disposable syringe, the doctor will insert a chip under the animal's skin. Its size barely exceeds the size of a grain of rice, so the pet will not experience discomfort and pain. The chip is necessary for easy and convenient identification of four-legged pets. Several chip standards have been established on the territory of the European Union, and appropriate standards are applied for each type of animal.

Do not forget to vaccinate the animal against rabies. Making a trip with a pet will require you to be patient and careful. The presence of a rabies vaccine is one of the key conditions under which it is possible to make a flight. Remember that you cannot go on a plane immediately after vaccination. You will have to endure quarantine for 3 weeks or take a control blood test. These requirements are set by the state to which you plan to fly.