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Unusual sights at airports around the world.

If you think that the time waiting for boarding a plane lasts a long time and it is boring at the airport, then you are deeply mistaken. Each aviagavani has its own "highlight", a small museum, outdoor areas, gardens, sculptures, excursions or something else interesting. Therefore, you can even safely come to some places in advance just to explore these interesting places. Therefore, do not be lazy in advance before the trip to see what is interesting in a particular airport. Or you can get this information at the information desk. Today we have collected a selection of unusual sights that will not leave any traveler indifferent.достопримечательности аэропорт


Denver International Airport (Colorado) apparently loves conspiracy theories, mysticism and the like, so these air gates are worth it to arrive before departure early. Here you can find a lot of frescoes, mysterious signs, various artifacts and the feeling that the jokes on passengers at the airport administration are thought out in advance. While exploring local attractions, be careful, you are 100% watched. And we are not talking about security cameras, but about a gargoyle. The 243-year-old mystical character likes to unexpectedly talk to passengers. Travelers with oversized hats or with excessive luggage are usually trolled by a gargoyle. The best thing is that she not only comments on fashion choices, she can also answer comments, questions, and helps order food.

Changi Airport in Singapore is usually one of the most favorite airports around the world, and this may be due to the numerous activities that you can try here. The airport has 4 terminals with a large number of attractions to explore. The highlight of the airport is a garden worthy of Instagram, which is made in the form of a maze. The garden is also considered the largest hedge maze in the country, and the best thing to do at the airport is to explore the huge maze that leads to the observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of the landscape. You should always remember the departure time so as not to be late for your flight. Therefore, calculate your time before arriving at this airport and visit this paradise.

достопримечательности аэропорт

At Sarajevo International Airport (Bosnia and Herzegovina), most events take place in a building above the ground, but there is an opportunity for tourists to explore the world below it. The Sarajevo tunnel is also called the "Tunnel of Hope". It was built in 1993 during the Bosnian War and passes under the airport. This hidden gem was discovered by Laura Dibiase during a trip to Eastern Europe. Visitors can explore the tunnel that connected the Bosnian territories when the city was attacked by the Serbs. The tunnel was mainly used for maintaining the vital activity of the territory, transporting weapons, supplies, and so on. The tunnel was also used by the UN, which controls the airport for humanitarian aid. The best thing to do at the airport is to inspect the safe house before you catch your flight.

One of the best things you can try while waiting for a flight is to learn how to fly an airplane. The Sim Academy is located at the Zurich Airport (Switzerland), where you can take part in a flight training simulator. At the academy, you can easily choose to study solo or with a group, and you will be provided with 4 different types of aircraft to choose from. You will also find a wide range of attractions that you can try for flight lovers, such as Airside foto tours. You should also definitely visit the Airscope binoculars, where you can enjoy the mesmerizing view from the observation deck. Book a round-trip sightseeing tour by helicopter to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area.

One of the main reasons for traveling to a new city is to immerse yourself in the culture. The great thing about Incheon International Airport (South Korea) is that you will be able to experience the traditions and get acquainted with the historical artifacts of the country while you are at the airport. You will find many museums, cultural centers of Korea, observatories and art galleries that you can explore at the airport. The airport also organizes many free excursions around the city, which you can join if you have free time between departures. You will be delighted with the exciting exhibitions that are offered at the airport. The highlight of the airport is the numerous Korean cultural centers where you can enjoy free music and dance performances with lots of free arts and crafts to explore.

достопримечательности аэропорт

Although many of us don't like the music that is played at airports, because it makes us sleep, it's a completely different thing at Philadelphia International Airport. The airport is home to the Philly Phever band, which walks around the airport playing music to entertain travelers who are waiting for their flights. One of the great things to do while waiting at the airport is to go on a walking tour, enjoying the energetic performance of the band.

Of course, this is not all the entertainment that is found at international airports. We have collected the brightest and most famous ones. In any case, air harbors are an important part of the journey - they are the point of departure and arrival, the place of meeting or parting with our loved ones. While for many travelers, airports are mainly places of busy queues, check-in and waiting. Therefore, get a unique experience by using the services of the airport and visiting local cultural venues.