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How Russian airports prevent the spread of coronavirus infection

The coronavirus pandemic is not yet complete. Although passes for movement in the Russian capital were canceled, entertainment venues, beauty salons and film studios began their work. Summer cafes have also opened. Of course, it is good that the self-isolation has ended, but this does not mean the complete disappearance of the virus. Medical professionals strongly recommend continuing to observe the mask regime and social distance. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene is also mandatory. They also recommend that you regularly take tests for the presence of a coronavirus infection in a person. Most recently, Rospotrebnadzor announced the need to undergo mandatory testing for the presence of coronavirus infection for those who came from other countries or regions. This is especially true in connection with the opening of the borders with Turkey. In which airports of the capital can you take a test for the presence of coronavirus and find out about your health status.? How much does this procedure cost? Read about it further.


More recently, the airport staff announced a new opportunity to take tests for the presence of antibodies or immunity to a new infection. The test result will show whether a person has immunity or not. If the verdict of the doctors turns out to be positive, then, most likely, the person has already had a new disease in an asymptomatic or mild form. People who have signs of respiratory diseases are not allowed to undergo the analysis.

To pass the test, you must contact the passenger terminal and provide biological material for analysis. Anyone who has an identity card with him can take the study. The service costs 2500 rubles. Persons with symptoms of viral diseases are not allowed to be tested. The research result will be sent to the person's email address.

But one thing is a study for the presence of immunity to a new viral disease. It is quite another to pass a test for the presence of infection in the human body at the time of taking the biomaterial. More recently, it was possible to undergo a study for the presence of the disease only according to the indications of internists in the presence of signs of the disease in a person. Saliva is taken from the human larynx. The presence or absence of the disease is confirmed after laboratory tests.

Today, you can also undergo the necessary examination in Domodedovo. To do this, you need to be an adult and have an identity document with you. People who have pronounced signs of viral diseases are not allowed to be examined. The cost of the analysis will be 2500 steering wheels. The test result will be known within five days from the date of the study and will be sent to the person's email address. You can also get it personally in your hands.
The study consists in taking human saliva. This method should not be confused with express testing, in which blood is taken from a person for analysis. This method is considered one of the most accurate and allows you to detect the presence or absence of coronavirus in the human body.


In this case, you can also be tested for the presence of a coronavirus infection. The price here is slightly less, compared to a similar procedure in Domodedovo — 2300 rubles. First, a receipt is issued for passing the analysis. You can get it at the passenger terminal. After that, the services of a medical worker are paid for at a Sberbank branch or an ATM located in passenger terminal B. The next step is to sign a contract for the provision of services. Then a questionnaire is filled out, in which a valid email address is indicated. After observing all the formalities, the biological material is taken from a person. Citizens who have signs of viral or colds are not allowed to undergo laboratory testing. Otherwise, the person will be denied the analysis.

Within three working days, the person will receive the results of the study to the email address specified by him.


At the airport, you can take a regular test, paying, at the same time, 3000 rubles. There is no possibility of passing the expression test. The results of the study will be known a few days after the delivery of the biomaterial. The tests are carried out in the medical and sanitary part of the Vnukovo airport terminal until 13.00.

Not only in Moscow, but also in other Russian cities, tests are being conducted at airports for the presence of coronavirus infection in passengers.


The airport of St. Petersburg carries out round-the-clock collection of biomaterials from people who have arrived. The cost of the study is 2,200 rubles. Testing is carried out on the second floor of the airport in a medical center. Biological materials are examined in Rospotrebnadzor. The test results are sent to citizens to e-mail addresses two days after the delivery of biological materials.


In Rostov-on-Don, there is also the possibility of passing tests for coronavirus. This measure became mandatory for all citizens, starting from 10.08.2020 after the opening of the borders with Turkey.

Special points for the collection of biomaterials have been created in the terminal building. The points were created in cooperation with the employees of the airport terminal. All the ways of movement of passengers around the airport building were taken into account.

All employees who collect materials for analysis are necessarily provided with personal protective equipment. All measures necessary to prevent coronavirus pneumonia are observed.

Express testing

In addition to the standard PCR study, it is planned to introduce rapid testing in the near future. In this case, a person learns about the presence or absence of his infection within an hour after blood donation for analysis. The result of the study will be given to the person personally in his hands.

The delivery of tests for coronavirus at airports is mandatory. Such measures have been taken to prevent the further spread of the infection around the globe.