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Tickets for the "Victory": what you need to know before buying?

The Pobeda airline is well known even among those who do not often make domestic flights. The history of the company began at the end of 2014. It is a subsidiary of Aeroflot and the first low-cost airline in Russia.


 The budget airline quickly became popular and in demand. This remains the case to this day. On the official website of Pobeda, it is stated that the load of flights is over 94%. In addition, the carrier has achieved success throughout its existence and entered many tops. For example, it took the 5th place among the largest airlines in Russia. For a second, there are almost 100 air carriers in the country, of which 15 are large and popular. Pobeda also took the third place among the punctual airlines of the country.

And the most important reason why the demand for tickets is growing so rapidly is the pricing policy. The purpose of this program is to increase the air mobility of the country's population. If you have become more mobile, do not forget to write about it in the comments. During the start of sales, prices for flights start from 499 rubles. Agree, it sounds fantastic, but there are such tickets. Of course, they are sold out quickly, or they are sold at such a price with a departure date for the next week. But the fact that this is possible remains a fact.


Why is it so cheap, you may ask? Everything is easier, and maybe more difficult, depending on what the purpose of the trip is.

Like any low-cost airline, Pobeda reduces the cost of tickets by reducing the services provided. Thus, the company receives more profit from them. That is, when buying a cheap ticket, you pay only for the flight, without taking into account luggage, food, seat selection, additional amenities. At the same time, tickets are non-refundable, with the exception of a special fare. If you are satisfied with the opportunity to take with you a hand luggage of no more than 36 x 30 x 27 centimeters, taking into account all the items that you took with you to the cabin of the aircraft, then you do not pay anything from above. If this option suits you, then take a cheap ticket, a backpack or a bag and go to the airport. By the way, cold water is provided free of charge on board. Hot water can also be poured if you have a thermocup with you.

If you need luggage or some other amenities, we will sort them out, so as not to be surprised at the additional cost.

Let's start with the stage of buying tickets. As we have already said, it is possible to return the purchased ticket if you buy a ticket at the"return" tariff. It can be 2-3 times different from the "Basic" or "Profitable". Returning to the hand luggage, the control will check its size. If there is an excess, you pay for the baggage service for 3000 rubles. Either choose the "Favorable" tariff where the luggage is included, or pay for the luggage separately, there are two criteria for choosing up to 10 or up to 20 kilograms. Also, the transportation of a pet, skis and snowboards, bicycles and fishing equipment will be provided for an additional fee. Free of charge, you can carry a stroller or cradle, as well as crutches and wheelchairs.

When you buy a ticket, you are automatically assigned a seat. If you want specifically, its cost will be from 149 rubles and up to 1500 rubles. Moreover, the most expensive ones apply to places with increased legroom. It is worth noting that the comfortable Boeing737-800, of which the company has 30 in the fleet, has spacious shelves, comfortable leather seats and several lighting modes. At the same time, the seats do not recline so that there are no conflicts with the passengers behind you. Insurance registration will also be offered. There are several different options, whether to choose or not, is at your discretion.

Of course, this is not the entire list of paid services provided by the company. For a fee, you can take advantage of priority boarding, quick inspection, accompanying a child traveling without adults, a business lounge at the airport and much more.

At the moment, Pobeda operates domestic flights around the country from the airports of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don. There are also international flights to Latvia, Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Israel.


To choose "Victory" or not, we will leave the right to decide for you. The company gives passengers without requests to save money if you do not need a lot of things with you. Although even with a small luggage, the prices for some flights are not much more expensive. And on the other hand, if you need insurance, the ability to return a ticket, large luggage or other amenities, then you can consider an alternative air carrier. In any case, before the flight, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of transportation, tariffs and conditions. And, of course, carefully read the information that will come to your email after buying a ticket. Often tourists are faced with unexpected fees for certain amenities, just because they were inattentive. For example, for most flights, check-in is carried out online, and at the check-in desk the service can be paid, depending on the selected fare.

And these rules were invented not only by the Russian low-cost airline, but are also applied in foreign markets. The rules, prices and other nuances may differ, but the principle of saving remains the same. If you want to fly on a budget, refuse all services. No, then there is an option to pay for everything, or choose another company.

Share your flight experience with Pobeda, we are always happy to add additions to our articles and listen to your opinion. Do not forget to leave a positive rating and have a good flight!