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Pulkovo Airport, as one of the symbols of St. Petersburg.

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Pulkovo International Airport is the only airport in the city of St. Petersburg. It ranks 4th among Russian airports in terms of the number of passengers transported, and was also included in the list of the most beautiful terminals in the world. Like any building in St. Petersburg, it has its own cultural value. Therefore, while waiting for your departure, you can pay attention to the sights and in general there is something to do while waiting for departure.

There are different ways to get to the airport. For example, by taxi. We recommend booking via mobile apps so that you understand how long the road will take. Unfortunately, traffic jams can be expected along the way, which will make you a little nervous. If you know how to calculate your time correctly, then you can also use public transport. Except for night time. Buses and minibuses numbered 39 to the airport run from the Moskovskaya metro station.

One of the fears of many passengers is: "Which terminal do I need?".

St. Petersburg Airport does have two terminals, but they have a single entrance! Therefore, put aside the excitement and boldly go to the "Pulkovo". Additionally, we note that everything is also simple with navigation inside, so you should not wind yourself up at the entrance either.

We will not describe in detail the passage of all controls, it does not stand out against the background of other airports. But what you can do and what you can see – we will note.

As in any airport, there is a duty-free zone. It is available for passengers flying abroad. Most often they buy alcohol, sweets, perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, holiday goods, souvenirs and much more. You can pay for purchases not only in currency, but also in Russian rubles, as well as by bank card. In addition, in the waiting area you can visit shops with branded products of St. Petersburg sports teams, such as Zenit and SKA. There are also other stores with popular goods, so shopping lovers will be interested here.


Do not forget about the large number of cafes and restaurants where you can just have a cup of coffee. Either taste the dishes of popular fast food restaurants or sit in a more refined institution with service. Moreover, most establishments work around the clock.

If you prefer social networking, watching videos or other activities in gadgets, then you don't have to worry about the battery. Take a charger with you in your hand luggage, there are racks for recharging batteries in the terminal. On the 1st floor (arrival) there is an Orthodox chapel, also on the territory of the airport there are facilities for mothers (a mother and child room, a changing room and a children's area). Free wi-fi is available on site, there are porter services, there are car rental opportunities, there are bank terminals, communication salons, currency exchange. There is also VIP service, luggage storage, service for special categories of citizens and other basic services.

Of course, Pulkovo does not have any special services, but it will surprise you with others.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the airport itself and its architecture. It's not for nothing that he was called one of the most beautiful. Therefore, it is definitely worth taking photos for memory. A unique roof design that looks like a cluster of paper airplanes from the inside. And in the daytime they acquire a golden color, which symbolizes the gilded domes of the main symbols of the city. Namely, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Admiralty and the night lights of the city. The ceiling on the ground floor represents the waves of the Neva. And if you didn't know, Pulkovo has its own attractions, in addition to beautiful architectural solutions.

The first sculpture you will see is the Aviator. It is located at the entrance to the terminal. Behind his back are wings, and in his heart is a fiery motor. The composition pays tribute to all the people who created aviation. Also in the building itself you will see an impressive sculpture. An airplane girl hovers under the designer ceiling. She is the embodiment of the dream of flying people. Only the wings of her modern airliners. Outside of the public, it has become a symbol of the airport. In total, you will see four such sculptures in the terminal. By the way, other works with flying people can be seen at the Erarta Museum of Modern Art.


And those who use the airport for domestic flights will get acquainted with the sculpture of Peter the Great. And the baggage claim hall is decorated with paintings "Petersburg Alphabet". These are sketches of the city for each letter of the alphabet. Therefore, you can spend interesting time studying these paintings while waiting for your things. And if Pulkovo is just a transfer hub for you and there is a long period of time between flights, you can use excursion services. For a little acquaintance with the city, various trips are organized in small and large groups. The service is paid, most likely an entry will be required. But there is such a possibility.

If recreation is more important to you than a cultural program, ParkInnbyRadissonPulkovoAirport will help you. The hotel is located right on the territory, provides all the services of a four-star hotel, breakfast and a fitness room. Pets are allowed here, but it is necessary to coordinate this with the administrations in advance. The service can be paid. For special romantics, there are superior rooms with views of the runway. Therefore, you can not only spend a comfortable time, but also watch how planes take off and land.

Pulkovo occupies only the fourth place in Russia in terms of the number of passengers transported, only because the first three were distributed by Moscow airports. St. Petersburg Airport has a developed infrastructure and will provide all the necessary services and amenities. Of course, there are no fancy and exclusive offers here, but there is a comfortable pastime in the waiting area. In addition, it is interesting to look for all the local attractions, watch the take-off of planes from the panoramic windows of the terminal. And you will understand why you can call the airport one of the symbols of the city, and in the world it is considered one of the most beautiful.